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At GAMEFACE we offer many types of adveritising and sponsorship that can be tailored to your company's individual needs. We will strive to make your campaign with us a success and we will work closely with you to make sure you achieve your desired results.

We're very open minded and flexible - if you have a different solution in mind than those listed on this page, feel free to talk to us about it!

For more information and pricing, please contact us at

Banner Advertisements

We offer standard banner ad placements in various locations on our site. For more information on specific ad placements, or if you have a particular section of the site in mind, please contact

Existing banner space can be purchased at our banner purchase page.

Event & Tournament Sponsorship

This solution allows you to promote your company or product on a per-event basis. As events are our primary attraction you will receive a great deal of brand awareness and exposure as often or as little as you choose to.

Event sponsorship comes with the following perks:-

  • Your company, brand or product logo and links on the event pages
  • Your choice of event title and prizes
  • An admin team dedicated to ensuring your event runs smoothly
  • Permanent sponsorship - as long as the event exists in our database your sponsorship will remain stamped on the history of the event.
Site Sponsorship

If you're looking for a greater presence on GAMEFACE these solutions may be more suited to you.

Site sponsorship is perfect for brand exposure as your logo and site link will appear on every page in the header of the site making it hard to miss by our users.

Similarly, you may wish to sponsor an individual game - this allows you to focus on your target audience and promote your products accurately. Just as with site sponsorship, your logo and site link will appear on every page of the game of your choosing under the 'Sponsors' section of the side bar as well as the game's home page.

Page Takeovers

Effective and hard to miss - page take overs are great exposure for your product or company. Any advertisement of any size can be placed within the margins of the site, appearing on every page to every user.

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