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Don't forget the Anti-Cheat! EasyAntiCheat or the GAMEFACE Client must be running on your PC before you connect to our servers.
If you're having problems with the anti-cheat please read the 'Known Problems & Solutions' section on the Anti-Cheat page.
Subscribe to our Premium service to unlock unique features and win monthly prizes.
Get a free 30 day Premium trial to test out the features before you buy it.
New here? Not sure how it works? Read our Guide to MM for a full overview of the match making system.
Guide to GAMEFACE Match Making

If you're new to GAMEFACE you should check out our Guide to Match Making which explains everything you need to know about our system.

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ResultMapStatsMatch PageFinished
16 - 6de_mirageStatsMatch Page208 days ago
16 - 14de_infernoStatsMatch Page208 days ago
15 - 15de_infernoStatsMatch Page208 days ago
16 - 5de_dust2StatsMatch Page208 days ago
16 - 10de_mirageStatsMatch Page208 days ago
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