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Match Making - Guide to GAMEFACE MM


Know what you're doing?

What is GAMEFACE Match Making?

GAMEFACE Match Making is a CS:GO match making system inspired by Valve's own popular version. So why play our version instead?

In short, we have high quality 128 tick servers (current locations are in the UK, France and Germany), a client-side anti-cheat, loads of match statistics, transparent rankings, monthly prizes, and much more.

We've designed our system to be as close to Valve's official match making as possible, but with all the upgrades and extra features you ever wanted - so we hope you'll find it straight forward and intuitive!

Getting Started

Before you start using our match making system there are a few things you need to do first:

  • Register an account and verify your email address
  • Login and link your Steam profile to your account
  • Download and install our anti-cheat and make sure it's working (more information below)

All done? Read on...


Everyone who takes part in our match making system must use our anti-cheat.

To use the anti-cheat you can download, install and run our own GAMEFACE Client (which has EasyAntiCheat integrated within it) or alternatively you can use the standalone EasyAntiCheat Steam client.

When using EasyAntiCheat you must select the 'GAMEFACE League' server before playing. You can get there by selecting the UK flag and then 'GAMEFACE League'.

If you have any issues running either of these clients you should visit the anti-cheat home page and check for common problems and solutions.

Configuring Your Lobby

As the host of your lobby you will have access to all of the MM configuration options - these must be set before you start queuing.

Generally the more maps and servers you have selected, the shorter your queue times will be.

Explanations for each option are shown below.

Selected Maps:Just like official match making, you get to choose which maps you want to play. You will only ever be matched with other players that are also queuing for at least one of your selected maps.
Non-Premium users must select at least 4 maps.
Premium users have no restrictions.
Selected Servers:This option gives your lobby full control over which server location you will play on.
This option is only available to Premium users.
Overtime:Selecting 'Yes' means your match is guaranteed to go to overtime in the event of a tie.
Selecting 'No' means your match will never go to overtime.
Selecting 'Either' means you have no preference whether the match goes to overtime or not.
Only Premium users can select 'Yes' or 'Either'.
Your Block ListBlock lists are applicable to each individual user in the lobby - not just the host. If someone on your block list is queuing at the same time as you then they are guaranteed not to be matched on your team.
Block lists are only available to Premium users.


When you're happy with your lobby configuration, all you need to do is click 'Start Queuing!':

While queued you can see some basic information about your queue status. As the host, clicking the red 'X' will remove your lobby from the queue.

When at least 10 players have been found that match your lobby configuration, an alert will sound and you will be invited to a match. The green and red borders show which players in your lobby have accepted the match.

Once you've accepted the match you can see how many others have yet to accept. If any of the 10 invited players fail to accept the match they will be removed from the queue and those that accepted will be returned to the front of the queue.

When 10 players have accepted the match another alert will sound and you will be automaticaly forwarded to the match page.

Premades / Queuing With Friends

You can queue with a lobby of up to 5 people simply by giving the lobby link to your friends.

The lobby link is displayed under the chat area of the lobby.

Match Page

The match page displays who's on each team and the map that will be played. Within a minute a server will be automatically configured with the connection details displayed under the map.

After the server has been configured you have 6 minutes and 30 seconds to connect to the server. If you do not connect during this time you will automatically receive a cool down and the match will be cancelled.

You also have the option to voluntarily abandon the match. Abandoning before the match starts results in a cool down for you and the match being cancelled for everyone else. Abandoning after the match has started results in a cool down for you and the match continuing for everyone else (more information about cool downs and offences below).

The match chat allows you to speak to the other participants before and after the match.

An example match page is shown below:

Match page key:

User is connected to the server
User is disconnected from the server or has not yet connected
User has abandoned or has been kicked from the match
View options for the selected user (report/commend/view profile)

Placement Matches

We will attempt to assign you with an appropriate rank after your first 3 matches. This is a result of your individual performances in each placement match and is not affected by winning or losing.

You can lose all of your placement matches, but still achieve a high rank if you perform well individually.


The names of the ranks we use are almost identical to official MM, but the skill level they represent is not equivalent. We expect that reaching the higher ranks will be much more difficult than reaching the equivalent ranks on official MM.

A full list of ranks and the scores you need to achieve them is shown below:

Silver 1Elo less than 1250
Silver 2Elo between 1250 and 1275
Silver 3Elo between 1275 and 1300
Silver 4Elo between 1300 and 1325
Silver EliteElo between 1325 and 1375
Silver Elite MasterElo between 1375 and 1425
Gold 1Elo between 1425 and 1475
Gold 2Elo between 1475 and 1525
Gold 3Elo between 1525 and 1600
Gold 4Elo between 1600 and 1675
Master Guardian 1Elo between 1675 and 1750
Master Guardian 2Elo between 1750 and 1800
Master Guardian EliteElo between 1800 and 1875
DMGElo between 1875 and 1950
Legendary EagleElo between 1950 and 2025
Legendary Eagle MasterElo between 2025 and 2100
Supreme MasterElo between 2100 and 2200
Global EliteElo greater than 2200


Reputation is a system where you receive points for positive actions and lose points for negative actions.

All users start with zero reputation. If your reputation drops below -10 you will not be able to participate in GAMEFACE Match Making or Gathers until your reputation returns to a positive value.

Both positive and negative reputation changes expire after 14 days, at which point you will regain points that were lost and lose points that were gained.

Some of the actions that affect your reputation are shown below:

Completing a match+1.0 pt
Receiving a commendation from a team mate+0.25 pts
Receiving a commendation from an opponent+0.75 pts
Abandoning a match by failing to connect during warm up-2.0 pts
Abandoning a match by timeout-2.0 pts
Voluntarily abandoning a match-2.0 pts
Being kicked for too much team damage-3.0 pts
Being kicked by team mates-1.0 pt
Being reported by another user-0.5 pts

Cool Downs & Offences

Cool downs work very similarly to Valve's MM, but the length of our cool downs are different. Our system keeps track of each offence within the last 60 days and only uses those offences to calculate a player's cool down. The cool down length is in a tiered system based on the number of offences in the last 60 days as follows:

  • 1 offence: 1 hour
  • 2 offences: 3 hours
  • 3 offences: 9 hours
  • 4 offences: ~1 day (27 hours)
  • 5 offences: ~3 days (81 hours)
  • 6 offences: ~10 days (243 hours)
  • 7+ offences: ~30 days (729 hours)

The maximum cool down length is 30 days (or 729 hours). Offences expire after 60 days and no longer count towards the next cool down.

Cool downs are shared between our MM and Gather systems.


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