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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Rules

If you have any queries with respect to these rules, please contact the admin team or in the case of an event, please use the event chat.



Match Dates & Times
Teams must be prepared to play on the date and time that matches are scheduled for, although teams are expected to provide common courtesy towards the circumstances of other teams with respect to rescheduling matches.

Rescheduling is allowed and encouraged in all events except for single-day tournaments or one night cups. Any exceptions to this will be specified in individual event rules. We expect teams to give fair notice to opponents when asking for reschedules. Last minute rescheduling is frowned upon and may result in a default loss against your team if your opponents do not wish to reschedule.

Match Info
Links to your scheduled matches can be found on your user fixtures page located under the 'User Control Panel'. The match page provides information on your opponents as well as the date, time and map that you will be required to play on. The match page also provides a live chat room for you to communicate with your opponents.

Teams must play the map that is set on the match page. If another map is played the match may be voided by an event admin at their discretion. The map pool will be available in the event configuration before the event begins.


To be eligible to play in GAMEFACE team events you must register on the website and create your team. You must have the minimum number of players on your roster as specified by each event.

Steam IDs
NOTE: Steam IDs for CS:GO are different to CS 1.6 & CS:S
Players are only eligible to play for a team if they have entered their Steam ID on the 'Game Accounts' page and have been a member of the team for at least 48 hours. Eligible players will receive a green tick by their name on the team's roster. There are two exceptions to this rule: 1) for one night cups that do not have any prizes - in this case red crossed players may participate as long as they have a valid Steam ID entered on their profile, and 2) teams may agree to play with red crossed players, but this agreement must be stated clearly in the match chat.


Server Reservation
All official matches must be played on GAMEFACE servers without exception. Under no circumstances will we allow any matches be played on non-GAMEFACE servers. Teams can reserve servers on their match pages up to 20 minutes before the match starts by clicking the green "We are ready!" button. Once each team has marked themselves as ready a server will be reserved.

Server Choice
The server location is decided by comparing each team's location and using the server with the minimal distance to both teams. The distance to each server is determined by each team's country flag.

Major Ping Discrepancy
In the event of a major ping discrepancy (+/- 50 ms average difference between each team) teams may request that the match be changed to a different server location. This can be achieved by both teams clicking the "Change Server Location" link under the server details on the match page.

Server Crashes
In the event of a server crash teams will need to contact an admin ASAP. If the crash occurs early in the match we may ask for the match to be restarted. If the crash occurs mid-way or late in the match it's possible (although not easy) for the match to be restored to its previous state before the crash occured. In these cases we can't promise that the match will be restored accurately.

Match Rules

Knife Round
A knife round is always used to decide which team picks sides - this is not optional. If there are players still alive at the end of the round, the team with the most combined HP wins. The winning team can then vote whether they stay or swap to the opposite team.

Round Limits
Unless otherwise stated, the GAMEFACE CS:GO round limits for all matches are MR15 and first to 16 rounds.

Each team should be ready to start on time but we allow a grace period of up to 15 minutes. If a team does not have the required amount of members on the server and/or is not ready to start, they may use an additional 7 minutes of pause time (see pausing). If a total of 22 minutes have passed and the delaying team is still not ready to start they may choose to start with 4 players or forfeit the match. In order for matches to be started with 4 players an admin must be contacted to manually start the match. Generally speaking if a team is showing intent to play the match we will not default them for lateness.

Reperio Anti-cheat
Reperio Anti-Cheat (or the EasyAntiCheat client) is compulsory in all matches that take place on the GAMEFACE website without any exception. It is not possible for players to be exempted from using the anti-cheat. In the event of a problem running the anti-cheat program, an admin will need to be notified as soon as possible and instructions will be given on the best course of action. A screenshot of the specific error and the anti-cheat logs are likely to be required unless it's a known issue.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Unsportsmanlike conduct during matches will not be tolerated by GAMEFACE. Occassionally proof of offending players will need to be provided to event admins before action can be taken. Racist or sexist remarks will not be tolerated and may merit harsher penalties.

Demo Requirement
POV demos are no longer required to be recorded for matches played on official GAMEFACE servers.

Dropped Players
If a player drops from play while a match is in the process of starting, the match must be paused (using the command '/pause') until the player returns (within the regular limits mentioned above). Players that drop while the match is in progress are considered dead and the round will continue without them. The match must then be paused until the dropped player returns or a substitue can be found (See 'Pausing' and 'Substitutions').

Each team has a maximum pause time of 7 minutes per match. The match can only be paused during the freeze time (using the command '/pause') and both teams must agree on unpausing before the match continues (using the command '/unpause'). If a round is paused mid-round,the match will be paused at the next available freeze time.

At anytime during the match player substitutions are allowed, but the substituting player must immediately join the correct team. No substitution should ever result in a team having more than 5 players on the server at any given time. Substituting players must ensure they are running Reperio Anti-Cheat (or the EasyAntiCheat client) before joining the game.

In Game Chat
Please keep all messages and chat friendly. 'Banter' is a part of online gaming, but when it becomes abusive behaviour it will not be tolerated.
Your perception of 'banter' may be different to that of your opponents. If you are not sure that your behaviour will be acceptable then it is best to leave the 'banter' alone and stay quiet.

Winning the Match
The first team to reach 16 rounds is considered the winner of the match. In cups and knockout stages of leagues, if the score is 15-15 then the match goes into overtime (See Overtime).

Overtime is played as MR3 and first to win 4 out of 6 rounds. Three rounds are played and then the teams switch sides. The first team to win 4 out of 6 rounds wins the match. As long as scores are tied overtime will repeat until a winner is determiend. Scores are reported as the total number of rounds played in the match including overtime rounds.

Spectators are not allowed during matches. The only exception to this is when an event requires a match to be casted/streamed.
GAMEFACE event admins reserve the right to observe any GAMEFACE match without prior notification or approval. The event admin's identity can be verified by validating their Steam ID. Any attempt to impersonate a GAMEFACE admin could result in a ban.

Match conflicts

Requesting Demos
POV demos cannot be requested for any matches played on official GAMEFACE servers. GOTV demos are automatically recorded and the download links are provided on the match page for up to 7 days.

Submitting Conflicts
Teams have a maximum of 48 hours after the end of a match to submit a conflict.
The conflict must specify a reason for the conflict as well as providing any relevant information such as demo ticks or a description of the rules that were broken by the opposing team or specific players.
You only have one opportunity to provide these details in your initial conflict. An event admin may contact you individually if there is any confusion about the details you have provided.
The opposing team has one opportunity to respond to the conflict. This response must be civil and any abusive or derogatory comments may have a negative impact on your team's case. Teams are encouraged to start the conflict process as soon as possible.
Defendants will always be given at least 24 hours to respond to conflicts before it can be processed by an admin. If a response comes sooner than 24 hours have passed then the conflict can be processed sooner.

Cheating Accusations
In the event of one or more cheating accusations in a match, teams are expected to watch the GOTV demo and record relevant ticks where they believe cheating has occured. Admins are not under any obligation to investigate cheating accusations unless those demo ticks have been provided. We feel that initial knee-jerk reactions are often eased when teams are given the opportunity to watch the match from their opponents' perspectives. If you still believe one or more players to be cheating you must submit a conflict that contains the relevant ticks and any other information or evidence that you feel is relevant. All evidence will then be reviewed by at least two admins and a final decision will be made.

Defaults/Walk Overs Policy
In the vast majority of cases we are very reluctant to give default wins/losses. Our priority will always be to get matches played when possible. This means we expect teams to be lenient with each other and we will always opt for a match to be rescheduled instead of defaulting either team. If a reschedule is impossible it's likely we will offer for the match to be voided instead.

Cheating & Exploits

The intentional use of map and/or game exploits to give you or your team an unfair advantage during a match is strictly forbidden. Any disputes regarding game play, exploits or cheating must be submitted via a match conflict as described above. If these details are not included, the conflict will be rejected in accordance with the conflict rules. Do not assume that the use of a bug or game engine flaw is legal. Contact an event admin if you have any specific questions regarding cheating or exploits.
Boosting or "super boosting" with any number of players is legal. It is not legal to boost players into positions that are not intended to be a walkable part of the map. It is not legal to boost players where they are able to view areas not intended to be seen from that location (clipping).
Bunnyhopping is permitted during GAMEFACE matches.

GAMEFACE has a ZERO tolerance policy regarding cheating or game hacking. This rule covers players who use code or programs to manipulate a particular game for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other teams and players.
Wallhacks, speedhacks and aimbots are just examples of the types of cheats covered by this rule.
"Testing" or "trying out" cheats or game hacks are not acceptable excuses. Any players or teams found to be cheating in any form will be dealt with severely.

Cheating/Hacking Punishments
Players caught cheating will forfeit all matches that it can be proved they cheated in. In team events, the offending player's team will also forfeit their matches as well as any future matches if the team is participating in any cups or leagues.
Offending players will be banned from GAMEFACE with following terms:

  • First offence: 12 month ban
  • Second offence: 24 month ban
  • Every subsequent offence will double the ban length up to an unlimited time period.

Any user caught evading a ban will have their ban reset as well as a subsequent 3 months extension.

Cash Cups

Group Stage Rules
In the event two or more teams are tied on points for a promotion place, the following criteria will be used to decide which team advances:
- Superior round difference
- Head to head result
- Superior seed

Generally speaking group stage matches will not go to overtime in the event of a tie. Exceptions to this will be specified on the event's additional rules if necessary.

Delays & Reschedules
In the event there are significant delays during a cash cup we will allow teams to reschedule the remaining matches to another day/time. This will be decided at the discretion of the event admin and is not negotiable.

If there are not significant delays, we will also allow teams to reschedule to another day/time if they both agree to do so. This will only be possible for finals and third place matches.


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